I got this on Wednesday as my old one had worn out and wanted something a little bit nicer.
From the second I opened the package, it was a pleasure to feel the super soft waffle-type texture. It felt pretty high quality too.
As this is my bathroom sink towel, I'm happy it dries pretty quickly. So far, no complaints.



When I was dating my future husband about 17 years ago in Italy, he had this wonderful waffle-weave towel that dried quickly and never got stinky. (And this was a young, single man who didn’t do laundry as often as he probably should have). I marveled at that towel and wished we had something like that in the U.S. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember how or where he had acquired it.

A few years later, we were living in the U.S., married and with a baby. We went back to Italy to visit his parents and one afternoon I asked him to drive me to various home goods stores to look for towels, hoping to find similar waffle-weave towels that we could bring back to the U.S. No luck! All I found were regular terry towels everywhere. I gave up the search but never gave up hope.

Fast forward to September 2018, when I happily discovered K-25 towels on the Indiegogo site. Delivery was set for December 2018, as the “2.0” version of the towels were still ramping up production. I could hardly wait, but after 17 years of searching, what were a few more months?

A month went by and in a fit of insomnia, I decided to look at the towels online again. I discovered that Amazon also carried the K-25 towels, but only in the original size/brown color, which have a slightly narrower width than the 2.0 towels on Indiegogo. After measuring my 24” towel bar, I decided that the narrower width towels would work better and emailed K-25 to see if they would allow me to cancel my Indiegogo order for the 2.0 towels and order the original brown towels. Not only did they email me back in just a few hours, they were super nice and made the process of refunding my original order and putting in a new order very easy! It was great dealing with real human beings!

As for the towels, I have the original K-25 brown ones now in my possession. I bought 6 sets from the K-25 website that include the bath towel, the hand towel, and the face towel. The bath towels fit perfectly on my 24” towel bar with no “scrunching” on the sides to make them fit! Even though the bath towels are listed as 25” wide and my towel bar has 22” of usable space, their actual “dry” width is about 22” and the listed 25” measurement is either its soaking wet width (the towel is at its full dimension when wet) or a width achieved by just slightly pulling on the fabric as you take the measurement. I consider this to be a major bonus to have towels that fit on my towel bar correctly. Not only is it unsightly to have them “scrunch” at the sides of the towel bar, but they also don’t dry as quickly in the scrunched areas. I have never understood why almost all towel bars are 24” wide and standard bath towels are 28” to 30” wide! If the home building trades and the household good trades could just get together and agree on some common standards, that would sure make our lives easier! Sigh…

As for the color, it’s a very sophisticated brown, and both the color and quality are reminiscent of towels you would see in the nicest spas. They look very natural and pretty. I do hope that the brown color will make a come-back in the 2.0 line some day. K-25 also threw in a couple of 2.0 white face towels, and they are a very pristine and beautiful snow white. If/when I ever need to order new towels and brown is no longer available, then white will make an excellent choice.

One thing to be aware of is that these towels are thicker than regular terry towels. Whereas my towel cupboard could hold 8 of my old terry bath towels, it can only comfortably hold 6 of these waffle-weave towels when folded. So that just shows how thick and luxurious these are. Luckily, I ordered exactly 6 sets, so they just fit!

The other thing is, it does take a little getting used to drying yourself with these towels. It is a different sensation than terry-cloth. Not bad, just different, after a lifetime of using terrycloth. However, I feel that the benefit of never having stinky towels again far outweighs any concerns in this area. We’re on a septic tank, so bleaching our towels to get the stink out was never an option, as it’d kill the septic system. Plus, I’m not a fan of bleach fumes. I had tried vinegar and baking soda and that had improved but never completely solved the problem, and it was time-consuming to have to do special loads. In life, the best solution is to prevent the problem in the first place, and that’s what K-25 towels do… their 3-D design allows them to air dry so quickly that mildew and bacteria never get a chance!

Looking forward to more K-25 products in the future. I hope they will create a kitchen towel line someday.



Am so glad I backed you on KS. Even though brown is not my first choice, it is a practical color and easy to live with. The towels are generously sized, very absorbent, incredibly soft and over-all great towels. May get more when your white line is available. Already have the white face cloths which are great. Thx.

Byron whissell

Niagara Falls, Canada

Wow....amazing towels. I'm so proud to have backed this towel, and of you guys. It's a beautiful, absorbent, quality towel. I'd love it more in different colors, which I believe you're working on. Will be buying more!



Like nothing I've ever had before! I am so glad I was one of the Kickstarter backers. I was more excited to try it on my naturally curly hair (I'm mixed). No frizz yet! Shipping came relatively fast, it's a bit pricey for Canada and I wish there were other colors available now but I will be ordering sets that match my decor in the future. Well played K-25 team! P.S. If you're lazy at doing laundry like I am make sure to separate your bra's. One of the hooks got caught and created a giant pull in one of the "weave" boxes :(.

Angel K.

New York

Great! I love to try something new, and these towels are beyond my expectations. They are completely different after washing. Very soft and luxurious. Dry extremely fast between uses.  Will buy more for my family. Hope you add more colors soon.

Yulia L.


I supported their Kickstarter campaign, and happy I got them at a discounted price. Worth the wait. Personally I am a fan of your hair towel. Its size is just right for my long hair and holds in place while I do my makeup. Great job and will buy more!



I bought these out of despair as I am tired of smelly towels. Geeky brand name, but as long as they work I am happy :) These bath towels feel and look completely different from what I am used to. My gf likes it so much that I am ordering more now. Very glad I found this

Lana Bel


Did you enjoy your towel? Yes Would you recommend to your friend? Yes I would make edges less wide and more different colors: light blue, grey, pink, light green... :)

Kylie K.

Melbourne, Australia

I bought two sets and my husband is in love with them. He asked me to throw away old terry towels and never buy them again. They are truly different. Fast international shipping. Will recommend to others.